We offer a variety of commercial & residential floor care services in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.  Specializing in hard floor surfaces such as Concrete, Hardwood, Linoleum, Terrazzo, Tile, Vinyl. We provide a process that ensures our customers floors sparkle with a long lasting shine.

Floor Cleaning - Sweeping, mopping and auto scrubbing.

Floor Restoration - Why replace when you can restore.

Floor Stripping - Removing old wax, dirt and stains from floor.
Floor Neutralizing - Neutralize rinse to prepare the floor for seal or wax.
Floor Sealing - Coats the bare floor preparing for the waxing process.

Floor Waxing - Like frosting a cake multiple coats of floor finish are applied to protect and enhance appearance.
Floor Polishing - Polishing heats the freshly finished floor spreading the wax like warm butter creating the glass table shine.
Floor Maintenance - Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance programs.


The owner Michael Storti is onsite during every job. He has years of experience in the field plus a strong educational foundation that consists of a postgraduate degree from Suny College at Brockport. He resides in Rochester, NY and enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

Floor Care Management

Commercial & Residential

Our Focus

At Floor Care Management in Rochester, NY our clients are our number 1 priority, to guarantee the highest level of service we utilize quality control programs which include regular onsite inspections.

We constantly monitor our work and encourage customer communication as their input to heighten our level of services. We manage sites of all sizes so there is no job that we can’t handle; from large sites that require permanent staff to a large team of after-hours cleaners, to small sites requiring daily or weekly visits.

Our aim is to be a growing business delivering a professional service with a smile and ensure each customer receives 100% commitment and value for their money.

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